Angela & Christopher’s Wedding


We recently had the pleasure of hosting the wedding of Angela and Christopher at The Retreat. From the all-vegan cuisine to the well-dressed flower-dogs, the weekend was truly unique and full of warmth, fun, and creativity.


“Everything was great! It was exactly as Christopher and Angela had envisioned the weekend to be. The venue was perfect. It was just the right blend of comfortable spaces and formal spaces. We liked having the meals at the various sites, and it allowed everyone to make sure they explored the grounds. Having the movie night at the end of a long day at the lake was perfect.”


“The staff was incredible. Everyone told me how helpful and accommodating they were.  They also were so friendly and that seemed sincere, and that definitely set a tone.  When we were out at the lake Saturday, the two people on the dock were clearly attentive to the swimmers and yet allowed everyone to have fun.”


“The food was amazing. I never got to see Mark to tell him that, so please share that with him…Christopher and Angela wanted people to recognize that vegan doesn’t mean tasteless and have hopes that more people will venture to try some more meatless meals. Christopher’s dad (one of those committed carnivores) said after eating the dinner Friday night, ‘I could eat this all the time’ — which is quite a compliment.”


“I found it [the price] very reasonable. When I think back on all that we got for the price we paid, it is pretty amazing.”


I felt very comfortable that if we had an issue, you would do whatever you could to remedy it. It’s a good sign that I felt sad saying good-bye to you after planning this big event with you — not wanting to lose that connection.”


Congratulations to Angela, Christopher, and all of your family and friends! Thank you again for choosing us to take part in such a significant and special day.


Photos by: Amber Vickery Photography


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