Austin Yoga Bloggers Share: What To Expect At Camp Yogi

Two avid Austin Yogis, known as The Hungry Yogis, experience the Retreat at Balcones Springs and share the incredible adventure.


Tune in. Find Peace. Create Magic

By: Andi Lozano & Christine Felton

We spent last weekend in the wooded hills along the Colorado River, just outside of Marble Falls, TX at Camp Yogi. In between relaxing hikes, mediation sessions, horseback riding and tons of Insta-worthy moments, we did in fact find some time for yoga – and it was sweet.

Over three short days, our small group became bonded. We introduced ourselves with timid excitement, we woke up early and practiced together, sat back-to-back in partner mediation, created works of art together, hiked in silence together, cheered each other on, and eventually shared hugs as we packed up our cars and headed back to our many unique and varied lives.

Here are some of our favorite moments, sweetest lessons and self-discoveries:

| Release Expectations


On the mat, in meditation, with your instructors, in the office, with your significant other, when you’re trying something new, with your friends and family, and so many other places. This is not to say that we should all give up our hopes, but releasing your expectations, either in situations or with people that you have little to no control over, can have a profound effect on your stability and ability to fully experience your surroundings. When you stop worrying about how a particular situation will turn out, and stop forcing real life into the box that you’ve created for it, then you can finally be present and aware.

| Walls Down


It can be so easy for two introverted friends to gravitate towards one another and retreat to a safe space. So, one of the purest things about Camp Yogi was this “walls down” mentality. Open your heart. Meet new people. Don’t feel pressured to perform. We’re all here, full of joy and longing to feel connected. Community is such an important part of being a human. We broke down our walls this weekend to the possibility of presence and connection.

| Find Your Mantra


We both kept coming back to certain words or ideas, a few of which became like mini mantras for the weekend. During the first night, one of the teachers, Patsy, asked us to write down a word for the weekend and then trade it with a few people around the room.

Christine: Out of nowhere, I was filled with the word MAGIC. I was so excited to watch how my One Little Word grew, in that instant, from CREATE to CREATE MAGIC. From there on, CREATE MAGIC became my mantra and my intention, and I began looking for magic in each experience.

Andi: It’s funny how a word will just reveal itself to you in a moment. The word I chose to write down was PEACE, and it set the foundation for the weekend. PEACE in my practice, PEACE in social situations, PEACE in understanding. Although PEACE truly resonated with me, the word I received from a fellow yogi was SURPRISE. I’m not much of a “go with the flow” sort of person, so the word surprise was mildly terrifying. But you know what? I surprised myself this weekend.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 11.18.08 AM

If you’ve ever experienced a retreat from your daily life, whether for a weekend, a week or longer, you’ll understand the profound capacity for change that occurs in every moment. We were almost like children – sipping in each experience, exploring the grounds with wide open eyes, breathing even deeper in the fresh air, looking up into the night sky to gaze at the Milky Way – all the while reveling in the joy and patience, which had been waning but was now refreshed and revived.


The Hungry Yogis


To learn more about Camp Yogi click here.


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